Eye Catching Covers

Here are some covers that caught my attention during my last browsing section. If you know of any noteworthy cover art, leave a comment with the title of the book and the author.

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2 thoughts on “Eye Catching Covers

  1. I like Moira and Melissa’s covers the best! Excellent covers. They’re kind of books you’d buy even if they sound dull. Of course, that’s how I got roped into buying J. K. Beck’s When Blood Calls and When Pleasure Rules. Horrible stuff, I absolutely hated it, and I only bought it because the covers were great.

    • I loved those, too. Their beautiful.

      And don’t say that! :*( I just bought those because I liked the covers. Dang!

      I wish more newbie writers realized that covers do matter. A crappy cover won’t get you far these days no matter how great the story is. We’re all stuck on the idea that readers know not to judge a book by it’s cover, but traditional book lovers are a dying breed. We have change the industry draw in new readers.

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