Kill That Trend: Redheaded Heroines

I can’t be the only one who has picked up a new book only to say…not that again. There seem to be certain things that ALL romance writers use in their books, and I’m getting tired of it. This week we’re going to discuss redheaded heroines, and why we need to kill this trend.

First, let’s just start off by listing all the redhead heroines I can think of: Catherine Crawfield (Night Huntress), Riley Jenson (Riley Jenson Guardian Series), Jinx (Jinx), Nora Grey (Hush, Hush), Clary Fray (The Immortal Instruments), Bianca Olivier (Evernight), Kelley Winslow (Wonderous Strange), Jacinda (Firelight), Quincie Morris (Tantalize), Ellie (Angelfire), Teagan Mcneel (Angel Star), Gwen Skyhawk (The Darkest Whisper), Tayla Mancuso (Pleasure Unbound), Rachel Morgan (the hollows), and there are many, many more. A LOT MORE!

Redheads are beautiful, unique, and rare. Why shouldn’t we use them? Well, because they are RARE. Between 1-2% of the human population has red hair. When you compare that to the percentage of redheads that show up in fiction, we start to see a neglect towards the average woman. What is so wrong with having brown, black, blond, or  even grey hair? We’re supposed to be empowering women, but all we’re doing is creating characters that are very different from the average woman–your target audience. So please, let’s kill Redheaded Heroine trend.


11 thoughts on “Kill That Trend: Redheaded Heroines

  1. You are sooo right. I had the urge to make my heroine red-headed too, but settled for a copper-blond with hazel brown eyes. I agree about ending the red-head heroine trend. Let’s go for dishwater blonde, or grey. 🙂

    • lol…it’s okay, we all have the urge to through a redhead in the story. It seems like the thing to do. I mean, everyone else does, right? 😉

      But I’m sure copper-blond was the right choice! So are you done with your manuscript?

  2. I absolutely agree with this! I was fine with the trend at first, but once everyone started doing it then I got really turned off by it. I feel the same way now about gray eyed heroes…

  3. Blonde heroines need to be next – and for exactly the same reasons. Most women are brown haired, brown eyed, and brown skinned. Most women are not stick thin. Let’s imagine a world that worshiped the normal women and allowed THEM to be heroes.

  4. I’m sick of red heads too! It seems that almost EVERY book I read has a red head in it! I’m sooo tired of it! I’m also over the “plain janes” too!

  5. Sorry ladies, but as a natural redhead with green eyes, who had little to no role models to look up to growing up, I’m thrilled that there is finally a place for us to be appreciated! Blonds and Brunettes rule everywhere – beauty ads and trends revolve around you. Let the redheads have our heroines – we need them! 😉 And we’re so good at it!!

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