Kill That Trend: Leather Pants

Some of my favorite authors are guilty of this next Fiction Faux Pas (Lora Leigh, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and J.R. Ward). I guess they just haven’t gotten the memo; leather suits are for bikers(and even then they look stupid), and comic book heroes. They are not appropriate for anyone else. Don’t believe me. Ask yourself this, how many people did you see decked out in leather, today? I bet you could count all of them on one hand, or none. And don’t give me that line about leather being functional for killing(it’s common in paranormal), because I can think of a dozen serial killers that wouldn’t be caught dead in leather pants.

I understand that this is fiction and I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief, but there is nothing that will bring reality crashing down on my head faster that a supermodel-sexy man dressed in leather. That doesn’t happen in real life, and my imagination can’t grasp that it would happen in any alternate universe, either. So please, please, please, stop putting your heroes in leather pants. Trust me when I say, this is providing readers with the wrong kind of entertainment.

Leather Jackets are okay.

4 thoughts on “Kill That Trend: Leather Pants

  1. I see nothing wrong with leather pants.
    They are warm and with proper care last a very long time.
    Back when people only had one or two sets of clothes many people chose leather for it’s durability.

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