Writers’ Toolbox: Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis

I cringe when I see the word synopsis. It’s a dreaded task that makes rewriting look easy. So much rides on those few pages, it impossibleto not be intimidated. However, thanks to the web, writers now have access to endless guides and examples. Two articles that I recommend are Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis and A Few Winning Synopses. The first gives pointers, while the second article is a collection of synopses’ of sold manuscripts.

2 thoughts on “Writers’ Toolbox: Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis

  1. Thanks for posting those articles. I’m feeling the synopsis dread at the moment as i try to encapsulate my novel into a few small paragraphs. It is truly a daunting process. I’m practicing the process by writing synopses for books I’ve read and that is helping me quite a bit. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I hope you find them helpful. But it sounds like your handling it the best way possible. It’s like they say, practice makes perfect.

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