Interview With Jennifer Hurst

Hello Everyone,

Let us welcome Jennifer Hurst, author of Fall. For those of you who caught my review of Fall, and are interested in learning more, read on. This short interview will reveal a bit more about the characters, and Jennifer. I’ll post details about the CONTEST at the end of this post.

Me: Tell us about yourself…

Jennifer Hurst: I grew up in a travelling family. As we travelled the world, my best friend was a notebook and pencil, and I spent countless hours lost in other worlds of my own creation.

Me: Tell us about Fall….

Jennifer Hurst: FALL was based on a dream I had in 1998 during a time when I was a full time college student studying drafting and design, and worked full time as a Bridal Consultant. I think I was very stressed out and my brain was kicking out warning messages. Well, I got the message, but the dream never left me. I thought about it constantly and wrote it down in my journal for future reference – as I thought maybe one day I’d have time to indulge in creating a full story about it. It wasn’t until 2008 when I lost my job, after 12 years in the construction industry, that I decided to revisit that dream and write a book on it.

Me: Do you have a favorite character and why that one?

Jennifer Hurst: I like Drogo. He was a last minute addition to add some spice to the story. Drogo is a character that I found I loved to hate. He is so very bad, but so very appealing because he comes across as being carefree, self-confident and totally unconcerned about what others think of him. Not to mention that he is of the supernatural variety, has ancient powers, and very attractive. Consequently, I will be giving him a bigger part in the next book.

Me: Did you find anything particularly difficult in writing this book?

Jennifer Hurst: YES! The dream I mentioned earlier, was eventually cut from the book, as the story that grew from it could stand on its own. I was sad to cut it, but then, the story really didn’t need it. So, I have about 22,000 word section of the book that was cut out.

Me: Do you have any interesting writing quirks you want to tell us about?

Jennifer Hurst: I write my stories in pencil first, wherever and whenever. Even on the back of napkins, receipts, or envelopes as they come to me while standing in line, or driving the kids around. I’ve recently began keeping a small notebook in my purse. It’s easier to keep track of than receipts and napkins.

Me: If Fall was dramatized, who would cast as the leading characters?

JD Halstead

Nathan Parker

Mathew Rigo

Meagan Parker

Roy Parker

Me: Tell us about your contest…

Jennifer Hurst:

Grab your copy of FALL and get ready to enter the realm of the paranormal with a chance to win a Gift Certificate from the Torrey Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast in Torrey, Utah.

The Torrey Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast is the setting for the story of FALL and boasts the most spectacular views of Southeastern Utah’s rugged and breathtaking landscapes, as well as having luxuriously well-appointed rooms and service.

The Rules:

There are 3 ways to enter the give-away and you can do all 3 for extra chances to win!

1.  Visit each of the websites below to find reviews of FALL and a set of 3 questions relating to the book.  Send the answers to: Fall (dot) jenniferhurst (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the subject line put “CONTEST“ and the name of the blogsite where you got your questions, ie.  CONTEST – Hallie Chandler .

Each blog will have their own set of questions and you can enter your name into the contest per the number of different blogs you visit.   So, if you answer the questions from 10 different blog sites, you can enter 10 times – thus increasing your chance to win!

2.  You can also get your name into the drawing by posting a link to this website on your Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc.  Send the link to Fall (dot) jenniferhurst (at) gmail (dot) com and put “LINKS” in the subject line.

3.  If you leave a review on Amazon – you can enter your name, yet again!  Send an email to Fall (dot) jenniferhurst (at) gmail (dot) com with AMAZON in the subject line to get credit.

Names will be drawn randomly using

The first randomly drawn name wins the Gift Certificate to the Torrey Schoolhouse B&B.

The next 3 will have their first names used in the sequel to FALL and recieve an authographed copy of that book when it is published.

The next 3 will recieve an autographed copy of FALL.

The contest will close December 31st, 2011.  Winners will be announced January 1st, 2012.

Happy Reading!

Your blog stops are:

1. (August 15th, 2011)

2. (August 30th, 2011)

3.   (August 30th, 2011)

4. (September 10th)

5. (September 15th)

6.  (September 20th)

1. What kind of car does JD Halstead drive?

2. What are the names of the Parker children?

3. What is the breed of horse Nathan and JD ride?

4. What is the name of the ghost town where Matthew takes JD camping?

5. What is the name and exact address of the Cathedral in Salt Lake City that JD visits? (They’ll actually have to go online to find it since it’s not in the book itself).

Send to

Put in the subject line CONTEST – Hallie Chandler

Entrants also have to include a link to where they placed a link to my blog from their twitter, facebook, blog, etc.

Me: Where can we find you?

Jennifer Hurst: You can connect with me at There you will find links to my blog and my books. Thanks Hallie, for this opportunity to share with your audience my new book.


One thought on “Interview With Jennifer Hurst

  1. Good interview. It has to hurt cutting out 22,000 words, but it also tells me Jennifer has confidence in her work and the courage to let it stand on its own.

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