Website Preview

I’ve almost finished putting my website together.  I ditched the idea of creating my own and bought a template. I’m just no good at code, and until I take the time to sit down and learn it, I’m going to leave it to the professionals.With any luck, I’ll have it up and running by the end of the week.

By the way, I hope you’re all kicked back and enjoying your holiday weekend!

3 thoughts on “Website Preview

  1. I love it! I may be biased because you designed a cover for me and it’s totally on there, but really I love it. I’m all about website design. I’m always tweeking and changing up mine when I get the fancy. And yours looks great! It has such a ‘graphic designer’ feel to it. Really great job, Hallie. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait to share your site to everyone once it’s up and ready.

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